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Community Concerns Tracker

This section is designed to provide our community with real time updates on those issue which require multiple follow ups and an ongoing  persistent approach. 

Active Concerns 2021


Concern: Our neighborhood needs to be constantly patrolled to insure that crime is being monitored and reported issue are kept up with.

- Patrol our area for day and night time surveillance reporting any visible problems

- Respond to community complaints about various urgent issues. 

- Work with DSNY and NYPD to tackle ongoing dumping and crime in our community


Concern: Multiple community members have complained about the lack of pedestrian sidewalk on Trantor Place between Forest ave and Dixon ave

The city requires that all property owners install sidewalks for safe pedestrian passage and if not complied with , city may step in and install sidewalk and bill owner. For some reason this block of Trantor place only has one home with a sidewalk.

Activity History

1/14/2021 - Local resident first contacted us about the problem.

2/8/2021- We surveyed the area documenting all observed conditions and spoke with neighbors on the block to determine what was going on.

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Closed Concerns 2021


Concern: Corner of Church St and Port Richmond Ave is the site of a vacant lot which is severely overgrown with weeds and littered with garbage including remnants of needles and other hazardous materials .

9/1/2020 - Contacted by local resident to report conditions which are conducive to rodents.

9/4/2020- Visited site to confirm conditions and document observances.

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Concern: City Installed a Truck Loading Zone 

near the corner of Church St and Port Richmond Ave 

This action by the city has created a problem for businesses where their customers are being ticketed for parking within the loading zone, and the zone is taking up much needed parking area.

Activity History

12/7/2020 - Local business owner first contacted us about the problem.

12/17/2020- Surveyed the area documenting all observed conditions and spoke with business owners on the block to 

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